6 Steps to flash bricked vesc without programmer in super easy way

Still using programmer to flash bricked vesc?No need it anymore!

In the past, when the vesc is brick, people have to buy programmer(like st link) to flash the firmware. And it requires people some skill on using programmer,  if people don’t know how to do it, it will be really a big trouble for them. And now the VESC new function SWD Prog solve this trouble, it’s so easy and convenient to flash firmware without using a programmer.

Why vesc is easy to become brick?

In most of the cases, the update firmware will fail, the device will become a brick, or the bootloader sometimes have lost to cause brick.

What do you need?

Since vesc is released SWD prog function, only if you can use vesc tool and learn following steps, we can ensure that you’re able to flash firmware in 2 minutes without using any complicated programmer.

What you need is only :

Can bus cable

Bricked VESC

USB cable

Windows PC

VESC tool in PC

Firmware and bootloader

How to do it?

Here is step by step tutorial, take Spintend ubox as example:

Step1:Use the CAN cable to bridge the SWD ports of the ESC on both sides (we leave the RST idle , because the RST of the SWD socket is usually not needed).

using canbus cable to flash bricked vesc

Step2: Power on Ubox, Connect it in PC vesc tool. Click “Connect”, make sure it’s well connected with vesc tool

Connect vesc in pc vesc tool

Step3: Click SWD Prog in the left menu, then upload the firmware. (Ubox merged the bootloader and firmware in one file, download it here)

Then click “Verifying while programming”

Next click “Connect”

run swd prog in vesc tool

Step4 , Reset, then Erase & Upload

Erase and upload firmware by SWD prog in vesc tool

when upload is done, click “disconnect”.

Upload bootloader in vesc

Step5: Plug off USB , and connect it in another side, repeat above operation in another side of ESC

Remember: If the USB in A side, then A side is local (shown in can-Device), it actually flashed B side’s firmware. Simply as A—>B B —>A

Step6: Check both side of ESC, if firmware is flashed

how to check vesc firmware in vesc tool

If you’ve read above from step1 to step6, congrats, you get it . no worry for vesc brick anymore!

Learn more information about Ubox, Click here.

what's vesc?Get it here

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