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Here is integrated market model information for your reference

Scooter Model Spec  Max speed
Nanrobot N6 2000W x2   55km/h
Nanrobot LS7+ 2400W x2  11'' Wheel 88Km/h
Nero X5  3000W x2  11'' Wheel 80Km/h
Dualtron X Limited Dual motor 13440W  110km/h
Dualtron X 2 Up Spec Dual motor 8300 W 110km/h
Dualtron Ultra2 Upgrade Dual motor 6640W 96Km/h
Kaabo Wolf King GTR 2000Wx2  105km/h

Remark: Data is collected from each brand's official website. Fast speed is decided by many factors, like weight/ battery capacity /wheel size ect. But controller and motor and battery decides the most part of it.