Warranty Policy

All products sold by Spintend are inspected and tested before and after leaving the factory. They are guaranteed to be free of material defects and manufacturing faults.

Warranty period:

(1) Non-electronic components have a 365 day, 1 year warranty since your package received date.

(2) Consumable Electronic components have a 60 day warranty since your package received date.
Most electrical products are tested before shipment and are deemed in working condition before shipment. Due to the nature of assembly and setup, eg, the VESC/ motors, we are not liable or responsible for certain improper installations made by the customer. If it is a practical repair, we are more then happy to assist with repairing, replacing or offering a discount for a replacement at our discretion.
(3) All motors are a wear and tear item that are warrantied for 60 days since your package received date. Warranty does not cover overheated motors, motors used improperly, or abused. Warranty does not cover wear and tear on parts designed to wear with use.
Kindly remind:
Due to the nature of DIY products, users participate in the use of the product, the operating environment is complicated, and it is difficult to judge whether the product is poorly manufactured. Therefore,If the customer claimed that a component is defective and/or not correctly made , Spintend at it’s sole discretion, will repair, replace and/or provide reasonable discount for replacement. Customer is responsible for shipping fees as well as returning damaged product to us for repair. 

Following conditions are not in above warranty terms:

  • Cannot provide purchase channel source proof
  • Mechanical damage to electronic components or PCB
  • PCBA board has repair soldering iron traces (excluding solder the cable bullet connectors)
  • Wire damage or external impact damage 
  • (For non-waterproof products) there is water inflow
  • Abnormal applications beyond the product specifications(eg. phase current set more 250A for ubox alum 85v 250A controller )
  • Improper use or installation
  • Application used in Helicopters.

Warranties are non-transferable warranties.


We will not be held responsible for the disappearance of Goods from your property after courier drop off. 

No term warranty, in no case shall Spintend's liability be greater than the actual purchase price of the product.

We do value our customers and under certain circumstances, we may discount a product due to user mistake, incorrect installation. We do do our best to not leave you hanging!