Electric skateboards: Something is rolling towards us

Electric skateboard, electric long board and electric mountain board are picking up speed, but legally they are still being slowed down. But it shouldn't stay that way. So that you are there when the e-board really gets going, read everything important about e-skating.

Topics are here:

  • What it's really like to skate on an e-board
  • Which motors you can choose from
  • What you need to upgrade your old skateboard

The electric skateboard creates a new driving experience

What distinguishes the e-skateboard from a normal skateboard? If you stand on an electric skateboard, you will quickly notice: The small motor, powered by the lithium-ion battery, makes a real difference. This applies to both the driving style and the driving experience. An electric long board is therefore particularly suitable for e-board beginners. The longer board (deck) is predestined for fast, stable surfing on the asphalt.

long board

Starting on the e-skateboard is a little challenge. But once you get going, nothing will stop you.

And this is exactly how the rider on the electric board feels - like surfing or snowboarding. After an initial swing in order not to make a cold start from a standing start, the engine takes over the drive. You control the board by shifting your weight, remote control or remote app. The electric skateboard or longboard then reaches speeds of up to 48 km / h without sweaty pushing off with the foot (pushing). Depending on the battery power, driver weight and weather, you can travel up to 30 kilometers with a full battery.

Is it too boring for you to slide along? Then there is still the off-road version called E-Mountainboard. You can also use it to ski over stony slopes. In contrast to the other skateboards, the board has two loops for the feet and much thicker, off-road tires instead of wheels. When buying an e-skateboards, the quality of the deck, the power of the engine and the range determine how deep you have to dig into your pocket - the driving pleasure can cost from 150 to 2500 euros.

Electric skateboard: Four different motors

 In the past, you had to pay particular attention to the deck and the design of the wheels when skating, while now you also have the choice between different drives for the electric skateboard.

  1. Belt motor driving-

    Motors with V-belts run a bit sluggish, but have a lot of grip. Accelerating and braking is the most fun with this variant. However, the V-belt is also the biggest weak point of the skateboard, because it can slip or even tear.belt driving motorized board

  2. Hub motor driving-

    You have no problem with the wheel hub motor. It is attached directly to the bike. This makes it waterproof and dust proof. The position of the motor enables regenerative braking, in which energy is fed back into the battery (recuperation).hub motor driving

  3. Direct drive motor driving-

    The third variant for e-skateboards is not yet so common, but is becoming more and more popular: the direct drive motor, also called DirectDrive. It can be installed in the roles and drives skateboard and longboard directly from there. It combines the advantages of the other motors. The closed rollers are less prone to damage, and the driving style is even more dynamic than with V-belts. But there is few qualified direct drive motors in market, still big challenge for mass manufacturing.direct drive motor

  4. Gearbox driving-

    The esk8 riders can't wait to get a mature product, it takes long time. so they cleverly found another solution to perfectly solved the belt drive motor weak point-the belt drive tear down. The brands of mainstream gearboxes on the market are etoxx, trampa, and kaly gearboxes.
    Benefits: The body feels much better than the belt, the acceleration brake, the calibration feel is better than the belt, the efficiency is better, and the motor load is relatively easy, so the same battery capacity mileage will be about 30% higher than the belt. The most important advantage, no parts is easily wear and tear. gear box driving board

When in doubt, practice comes before theory. During a test drive at a specialist dealer, you will find the best electric skateboard for you.

The alternative: retrofitting an old skateboard

The old skateboard is still doing it, but has been in the corner for a while? The electric motor is also available for retrofitting, for example from "Mellow Drive". The company produces its electric motor in Germany - which is rather rare. It fits under every deck and is attached like a normal wheel axle. According to the manufacturer, the low rolling resistance means that you can continue to use your board without a motor, without feeling any significant difference to the classic skateboard. If you then want to move forward electrically, the electric skateboard can go up to 40 km / h. All you need is a set of conversion kits: the motors, the ESC and battery box.


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