How to do 4WD wiring with two Ubox?How to connect horn and lights?

Here are actual connection pictures to show the wiring for 4WD setting by using two Ubox.

Step1. Prepare 4motors and two Ubox

One Ubox and two motor is a group, connect each motor's three phase wire with Ubox single esc motor cables.  And repeate this setting up in another Ubox and another two motors.

Step2: Once two Ubox and motors are hooked up, then connect with battery, you need a diversion cable to connect both two ESC's battery connector.

Attention: for the battery diversion cable, you should choose two femal+one male connector cable.

Step3: Then connect the power button.  Pressing one power buttont to turn on /off two esc, need a special 4WD button like this one.

Reminds: two Ubox is connected by canbus cable.

Step4: Connect lights, horn. Know this cables and do correct connections


Attention that : when the horn and black laser light is hooked up in one Ubox, then the white light in another Ubox will be always on /off as the other esc on/off. 

Here is how horn and black laser light connected in 12v power cable.

How to to connect the white light in another Ubox? it's different now. Either one of the 12V+GND connected with the white LED light in another Ubox.

Finally , all cables and 12v lights and horn are connected, the rest is to do program in vesc tool.

 Small tips: it's better to remove the horn firstly, because when the remote signal works, the horn is ringing(Cover your ears).  

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