Single UBox 100V 100A wiring diagram on escooter | on onewheel application

 Atttention :  If you're trying to diy escooter, we'd like to recommend Application3. All wiring is on ewheel adc adapter v2, it will keep Ubox much safer.

single ubox 100v 100a wiring diagram on diy escooter



diy escooter with spintend single ubox 100v 100A
Spintend diy escooter parts group

diy onewheel without foot pad adapter wiring with FSR


foot pad sensor adapter for diy onewheel

If you have more interst in above diy parts , you can refer to this page to get full set for your building.


  • Constance

    I would appreciate the dual set up diagram as well for escooter using 2 single ubox

  • Forlix

    Can we get a diagram for escooters with two of these for dual motor?

    Theres a few of us running these now and it would be nice for newcomers :)

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