The easiest way to set dual motor input and single/dual switch mode for your scooter

As our new V3 adc adapter comes, it's more convinient for people to do wiring with VESC ,but still some people have trouble on input setup for dual motor, or single/dual switch motor mode. 

Now we're going to introduce a super easy way to solve your input setup issue if you had when you're using other vesc or our Ubox products.

For both Dual mode and Single/Dual switch mode,  make sure your wiring is correct before you do setup in vesc tool, and also need to do adapter calibration first , all you need to do for input setup is only download the config file, and upload it in your vesc. 

Step1: Download the config file here

Step2: Upload it to your vesc or UBox. 

See this Tutorial video:

 Single /  Dual Switch mode setup :

1. After you done above steps, then check if your wiring correct like this picture :

Make sure each ESC side is hooked with UART cables on ADC Adapter V3 .and hook a single/dual switch button on adc adapter v3.

 2. Then key step: Turn off  Your  dual vesc can bus connection.  if you're using UBOX V2 , you can turn internal canbus by quick clicking power button 7times, and the can led light is off. 

3. If you're using two single esc, then no need to hook the can bus cable between them, but you need to upload the config file in each ESC.

Is it easy?


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