Wrong and Correct hall sensor cables hook up

Recently we got a customer feedback: I can't connect Bluetooth in phone. The remote can't work. 

we take almost 2hours to assist for bluetooth connection, each step is correct, but the bluetooth still can be connected correctly,it always reminds: 'Read frimware version Couldn't read firmware version.Make sure that selected port belongs to the VESC'

bluetooth connection problem

Evenn ask customer to change a mobile. but problem still exists. Lastly, can't fix it, that's so wired, we ask customer to return back the whole set to us for check. when we receive it ,we also tested that it's not connected.

Then we open the case, find the problem is here: hall sensor cable is wrongly connected in a 5pin connectors.

wrongly cable hook up of hall sensor cable

This is high frequently happened problem to new beginners, especially when their motor comes with 5pin hall sensor connectors. 

This customer is lucky that the wrongly cable connections doesn't burn 5v circuit.

Kindly remind here is correct hall sensor cable hooking up in ubox

correct hall sensor cable connections in ubox

 Get it?

 Read the port silkink name correspondingly. got correct opertation. wanna have a try, order Ubox here.

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