Frequently Asked Questions for Ubox and remote Uni1

This is most frequently asked questions from market, please refer to it:

1.Can I use other remote to control it?

Reply: Yes, only if your remote is compatible with VESC

2. If I dont use your remote Uni1, what function that I may miss from Ubox?

  Reply: you mainly will miss the 3 function:

  •  No BMS monitoring
  •  No assign bluetooth to VESCA or VESCB
  •  No Horn and light control

3.Can I use other BMS to Ubox to read BMS data?

   Reply: No, Ubox doesn’t support other BMS to read and display data.

4.Whats your antispark switch circuit design ? Is it safe?

4.1 The power switch function is realized by controlling the internal 12V power supply. Inrush management is realized by the anti-sparking circuit. The two circuits work independently. In summary, the switch circuit is independent of the VESC circuit.

4.2 Here is antispark circuit

4.3 Considering many customer worry for the risk of anti spark switch. We  removed anti spark function , replace it by Amass anti spark XT90S connector (Since Sep 15th). And the Ubox still have switch function.

4.4 The remove of the anti spark function has no any influence or any change in ESC board.

4.5 If more people still want Ubox keep anti spark function, we can change back.

5.Is there a internal canbus connection ?How to turn on / off it?

    Reply: Yes , we have .

if you use Uni1 remote, you can choose remote control to turn on/ off can bus circuit. (Choose main menu -- Port config --Canbus on/off)

If you don’t use Un1 remote, you can click power button in this way:

- CANBUS switch on ---- click power button 6 times then wait 2seconds.
- CANBUS switch off ---- click power button 7 times then wait 2seconds.

6.About UART port control bluetooth and 2.4Ghz receiver explanation


 7.If I dont use Uni1 remote, can I use Ubox to control horn and light? 

Reply:Not possible.Because most of the remote don’t have extra IO port to receive extra signal control.And if user choose to change the circuit to achieve it, it will violate the Ubox warranty.

8.If I only use Uni1 remote, dont use Ubox, can I control horn and light?

 Reply: Yes, you can use our remote to control horn and light. The Uni1   receiver has designed 3.3v level control signal output to control horn and light,   the rest part, such as 12V power source, mosfet or relay circuitry, needs you to built by yourself. And we may also provide the rest part in future.

9.Whats the switch button type, can I change to other type button?

9.1 The Ubox is assemble with Momentary button , it supports auto-powering off when your board keep still form some time. The time can be set in Uni1 remote.

9.2 Ubox support both Momentary and Latching button. We recommend to use Momentary button. The advantage is : a. no risk of mechanically shut down caused by accidental shock. freely setting time of auto-powering off if you don’t use your board.

9.3 Latching button doesn’t have such advantages.But if you want to change to Latching button, you can do it in remote Uni1 setting: Receiver Config- power switch

 10.The signal is weak or lost, whats the problem?       

Reply: Please check if the receiver location is covered by metal case.If no metal case covered the receiver, then change to wide open space, then check the receiver and remote signal light, if all is normal ,then test remote.If still have no connections , please contact:

 11.How to choose connection mode for remote?

  The remote Uni1 support both UART and PPM connection mode.

I.PPM connections

  If you choose PPM connections, then connect the remote receiver with ESC PPM cable, and you need to do remote throttle calibration in VESC tool, then the remote is workable.

Note: Differential speed control is rarely used by eskateboard users,but if user has such need, please turn off ESC can bus connection, and set ppm all off in remote, and then connect the outer PMM cable with ESC.

II.UART Connections

Uni1 default send UART signal to ESCA, ESCB can be synchronized by internal CANBUS signal. Or user can also set the UART signal to ESCB (then, the ESCA is defaulted synchronized by internal CANBUS signal)

  Note:(1)UART cannot be connected to ESCA or ESCB independently at the same time, Choose either one. (2) Because the Bluetooth module also communicates via UART, the Bluetooth and receiver UART cannot be connected to the same ESC. The remote control has a special conflict avoidance mechanism for this problem.

12.When using both Ubox and Uni1, Error message in FOC auto detection       process in vesc tool:
     error message: "All vesc must have the latest firmware to use this feature". 
     (Although VESC tool reports both vesc have version 5.1)

   The reason is : when you’re doing FOC auto detection in vesc tool , both             remote and Ubox canbus is too busy to transfer data in time, so it would             influence FOC detection and get error reported.

   There’re two solutions for it, choose either one to fix it:

  1. Turn off remote, re-power on UBox, Finish FOC detection in vesc tool, then power off Ubox, next turn on remote, lastly turn on Ubox. Then you can use them normally.
  2. If your remote is already powered on , hold reverse button for 2seconds, enter in main menu, choose “wait for FOC calibration”, until the Ubox finish FOC detection in vesc tool, then the remote will go back to display interface for normal use. 

13. How to connect lights and horn in board?

         Here is 12V ouput port wiring diagram

    Ubox 12V ouput circuit wiring diagram
    14. There is voltage reading tolerance (about 2-3V), how to fix it?

    The root cause for the discrepancy is : Ubox circuit design is a bit different from Originanl vesc version. Ubox MCU working voltage is 3.3V LDO, while VESC original version use 3.44V

    Therefore the voltage reading by Ubox using the original vesc firmware 75V300A will be 4% higher than actual data.

    The reason why we design so , here is added information for your reference:

    Our 3.3V power supply uses 4 linear LDOs to independently power two MCUs, Bluetooth and 2.4G receivers. The original version is uniformly powered by a 3.44V switching power supply.

    The considerations that we did not use original vesc’s 3.44V power supply scheme in our design were:

    1. The original version uses a switching power supply, there will be a certain amount of switching noise. There is no such noise when using LDO.
    2. Independent power supply for each module can play a role in noise isolation. At the same time, a problem with one module will not affect other modules.

    But the problem is that there is no off-the-shelf 3.44V LDO, and only 3.3V can be used. This problem can be solved by modifying the firmware. This is why we designed to use 3.3V.

    Two ways to fix it, choose either one.

    1.Use original 3.40 version firmware. We test the original 3.40 firmware can read voltage without discrepancy. Get it here.

    2.We modify the 3.44V to 3.3V in the VESC source code,and be compatible with latest firmware, we will keep updating it, now the latest version is 5.1  Get the customed latest firmware here. And for this firmware, now there are two version, we have marked in Ubox product page (the 7th point).

    How to update the custom firmware?

     Click Firmware-- Custom File -- Upload the bin file