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Thumb Twist Throttles on Left/Right handle bar for Electric Scooter/ebike

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1. Control the speed easily: providing steady and sensitive control of speed, working well on the left or right side of handlebar, using this thumb throttle, you can control the speed of your electric scooter easily.

2. Good compatible: This is a super nice accessory for electric scooter, thumb throttle is compatible with most electric scooter.

3. Easy to install: 165cm cable wire enables you to fit it on anywhere on your scooter. Proper profile design will not interfere with brake levers.


Product standard: RoHS

Product size: L60*W30*H47.5(mm)

Classification of waterproof: IPX5

Product material: PC/ABS

Product core wire: 3 core wires

Line lenght: 165cm

Line diameter: 3*0.2 square millionmeter high temperature resistant line

Working volate: 5V

Output voltage: 1-4.2V

Wiring instructions: Red line connects live wire 5V, black line connects earth wire, green line connects speed regulation signal.

thumb twist throttle for E-scooter/ebike