DIY dual motor scooter diagram with two single 20s 150A controller

Here is detail diagram for diy dual motor controller 

  • Application1  , wiring directly on single ubox alumm controller
  • Application 2, wiring via ADC adapter with VESC , two motor mode
  • Application 3, wiring via ADC adapter with VESC, single/dual motor mode

dual motor mode for diy escooter

diy two motor scooter diagram


DIY two motor scooter single dual mode wiring diagram

Key Points highlight :

1. Use ADC adpater, it supports to control your lights and horn. 

2. For application 1, If your throttle is 5v spec, still need to wire it in COMM port's 3.3V, because this kind of 5v throttle may have higher spike voltage  to burn VESC MCU ; if you're wiring in VESC COMM port's 3.3v, it has noise , then suggest to use Ewheel ADC adapter for wiring throttle. it would be more safe.

3. For application 3, single dual switch mode. The two VESC works independtly actually, only hook the red cable of the can bus cable(it has 4cables, only hook red one) among two UBOX, it's used for one power button to turn on off two ESC. No can communication between them.

4. Application 4, require single/dual switch in adc adapter to switch two modes.

5. Don't use both power button and ignite key to turn on ubox, choose either one.

6. If you're planning to use one battery pack to hook two single ubox, we recommend to use our fuse and one to two division connection. make sure both esc off power at same time, or there will be voltage gap to fail the esc can chip. 


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