Dual Ubox V2 75v 100A x2 J for DIY electric scooter diy ebike diy escooter
Dual Ubox V2 75v 100A x2 J for DIY electric scooter diy ebike diy escooter
Dual Ubox V2 75v 100A x2 J for DIY electric scooter diy ebike diy escooter

Dual Ubox V2 75v 100A x2 J for DIY electric scooter diy ebike diy escooter

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1. Technical Data:

  • Voltage :  12V-75V (peak voltage should be less than 80V, 18S max)
  • Current : Max 100A/channel, the dual max 200A
  • 12V output:  Max 3A(the fan , horn and lights share this current)
  • 5V output : Max output 500mA
  • Switch button: current  Max 15mA
  • Size and weight: 129 x 83x27mm (including screw)/ 396g
  • Cables: Motor cable: 12AWG 12cm / Battery Cable: 10AWG 12cm

2. Why Choose this J version?

This product is designed base on Standard Dual Ubox V2 75V, both with mature and optimized design and production artwork.

Adapt 100V mosfet in 75v Product, keep enough safe margin. Tower-Joint Connection design makes two boards separatable and more reliable

Spintend ubox v2 75v 200A J use 100V mosfet

MOSFET PART NO: JMSH1001ATL (100V 1.3mΩ N-Ch Power MOSFET) ,refer to its data sheet 

Reminds: Although the MOSFET SPEC IS 100V ,still can't use ubox v2-J at 100v, due to other parts spec are less than 100v . It's far more safe to use this product under 75V

Strengthen Hall port circuit protection and 12v/5v/3.3v/ignite port power circuit protection by recovery fuse

Strengthen power circuit protection

Two way power on/off, the ignite key port is unique convinient design for DIY ebike and escooter

Two way power on off depends on your application


Delicate aluminum case for better cooling and convinient installation in your diy model

Full aluminum for spintend ubox v2 J

Integrate Internal 2.4Ghz receiver, support wirelss connection with Uni1 V2 remote and more feature function, extended antenal cable avoid enclosure shield signal

Best working partner UNI1 V2 remote with ubox v2 controller

    3. What's the difference between J version and standard version:

    • J version optimized and strengthen circuit protection (Now it's also cut in purple ubox)
      • Add Hall circuit protection clamp Diode
      • Add TVS(5V) to surpress spike on 5V circuit
      • Add TVS(78V) to surpress bus input spike 
    • Used different MOSFET. 
      • J version used 100V mosfet 
      • Standard version used 80V mosfet
      • Below is their test data difference. 
    Model No   FETS PART NO TEST   Difference
    Dual Ubox V2 75V  FDBL0150N80  32°C room temp, with same loading,  product in aluminum case,  run from 30°C to 75°C, it takes about 2minutes( +/- 20S )
    Dual Ubox V2 75V J  JMSH1001ATL  32°C room temp, with same loading, product in aluminum case, run from 30°C to 75°C, it takes about 1.5minutes (+/-20S)


    • The test difference may change according to different conditions in customer's end.  Above test data is for your reference. 
    • VESC will draw down current for protection when its temp trigger 75°C.

    4. Shipping Comes

    • Ubox V2 75V  100A x2 dual motor controller 
    • Ubox V2 accessable pack: including Power button/ PPM cable/ Hall sensor cable*2 /Can bus cable / 12v circuit cable*3/ UART port cable/ 8pin multifunction cable / XT90S female connector
    5. Firmware Download
      1. The product is shipped with latest firmware(6.0), Read this blog to know more previous firmware version. 
      2. Warning: Open source firmware has risky feature, Only hardware is in warranty protection.
      3. Get 6.0 firmware and vesc tool here.
      6. User Manual