What's the difference between ubox v2 75V 100A x2 J version and purple one ?

Still many people have this question: what's the difference between ubox v2 J verison and standard version (the purple one),  here is the detail explanation:

The ubox v2 75v 100Ax2 standard version (will mention purple one later)is  popular and highly recommened in diy esk8, diy escooter community. The reason people recommended mainly because it's quality reliability and the potentiality of much stronger current. Although our spec marked it as 100A each side , but still people use it more than 100A, luckily it's alive.

However the quality has its price, the purple one used the most expensive MOSFET(P/N: FDBL0150N80 ) in market. That's why people can always test out bigger and bigger current on it without heat. But this MOSFET is in serious shortage of supplying and also with unbelivable high price.

In order to keep supplying ubox v2 product, we have to find second source of the MOSFET ,and at the mean time, keep its good reputation in quality. Therefore, we re-designed Ubox v2 J version: replaced the MOSFET only, the new MOSFET P/N is: JMSH1001ATL ,and provided by Chinese supplier. Surely we spent much time on picking up reliable replacement MOSFETS, and in fact, this MOSFET is trustable and most importand with good price. That's why the Ubox V2 J verison is far more cheaper.

Here is the summary of the main difference :

1. Purple ubox v2 has stronger potentiality in power than J version due to using different MOSFETs. (eg. people even set purple version 150A-160A each side, this is over spec, not recommended) , Purple one is widely tested in market , much more reliable . While J version is newly launched, need to track market feedback on it. how much potentiality of J version? welcome your test feedback. 

2. Purple one handle 16S safely, J version can handle 18S safely. Because we used 100v mosfet in J version, only in order to leave much more safety margin, we don't want to screw it up by replacing the key parts.

Here is the two different MOSFET test data information for your reference.

Spintend ubox v2 J version and purple one comparation

3. Both Purple one and  J version is kept optimization in design. Strengthen circuit protection:

    • Add Hall circuit protection clamp Diode
    • Add TVS(5V) to surpress spike on 5V circuit
    • Add TVS(78V) to surpress bus input spike 


People still have this question:  the J version spec looks much better, but it's far more cheaper?  YES, DON'T DOUBT ON IT : Spintend always try to provide good stuff with good price. And now we already shipped batches of J version, got more and more feedback, it's good, and this is True. 

Spintend Ubox J version customer review

Lastly, people may have this question : How do I choose one among them?

1. If you want to set motor phase current less than100A each side. then choose J version . it can meet your needs.

2. If you want to do racing, set more than 100A for each side motor current. then choose purple one. (Just kindly reminds, using more than 100A, needs to use 300A firmware, this is not in warranty protection)



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