Ubox V2 75V 200A Dual Motor Controller  Based on VESC
Ubox V2 75V 200A Dual Motor Controller  Based on VESC
Ubox V2 75V 200A Dual Motor Controller  Based on VESC
Ubox V2 75V 200A Dual Motor Controller  Based on VESC
Ubox V2 75V 200A Dual Motor Controller  Based on VESC
Ubox V2 75V 200A Dual Motor Controller  Based on VESC

Ubox V2 75V 200A Dual Motor Controller Based on VESC

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The UNIQUE BOX(Based on VESC ) for YOU!

1. Technical Data:

  • Voltage :  16-75V (peak voltage should be less more than 80V)
  • Current : Max 100A/channel, the dual max 200A
  • 12V output:  Max 3A(the fan , horn and lights share this current)
  • 5V output : Max output 500mA
  • Switch button: current  Max 15mA
  • Size and weight: 130 x 83x27mm (including screw)/ 396g
  • Cables: Motor cable: 12AWG 12cm / Battery Cable: 10AWG 12cm

 2. Why Choose Ubox ?

Spintend ubox features

3. Upgraded outstanding features

Strenghten all output power circuit(12v/5v/3.4v)proetction by recovery fuse.

Spintend ubox V2 12v power circuit protected with recovery fuse
Full premium aluminum case with clear ports drawing in top case, convenient for wiring, with extra back holes for fixation, support scooter motor OT connector
Spintend ubox v2 with full aluminum case support escooter
Safety riding features : Three groups of 12v power supply for Horn/ Front light/Brake light, and one spare cooling fan power supply port
Spintend ubox provide 12v power circuit for brake light horn and front light
Added Ignite key and meter reading power socket for ebike escooter application convinience.
Spintend uBox V2 support scooter ignite key locking
Integrated internal 2.4ghz receiver with extended antenna(horizontal or vertical option)to fit for different enclosures
Spintend uox v2 integrated internal 2.4Ghz receiver
The best partners to excellently fulfill more unique functions : remote control horn, braking light and front light
Uni1 remote can control UBOX V2 horn and lights feature
Get Uni1 v2 remote here

4. Except for Unique Features, it owns all VESC typical features:

  • TI INA240A1 Current-Sense Amplifier
  • USB, CAN, serial, I2C, SPI, 2x ADC, RC PPM inputs / outputs.
  • Sensored and sensorless FOC with auto-detection of all motor parameters
  • Hall sensor, ABI/SPI encoder
  • Current and voltage measurement on all phases
  • Regenerative braking
  • USB programmable and nice GUI
  • Adjustable protection against
  • Low input voltage | High input voltage | High motor current | High input current
  • High regenerative braking current (separate limits for the motor and the input)
  • Rapid current changes (ramping)
  • High RPM (separate limits for each direction)
  • Motor and driver overheating
  • ...and much more

5. Suggestions

  • How to use VESC ?  Please refer to this blog 
  • Strongly recommend to use Ubox together with Uni1 Remote
  • Both metal case and carbon case can be used since the receiver antena is extended out of the case
6. Shipping Comes
  • Ubox and Accessory pack
  • Cables : Power button / PPM cable/ Hall sensor cables*2/ 12v power  cables*3/ Can bus cable/Ignite cable / SWD cable/ Multifunction cable(UART&ADC)/XT90S connecotr female
7. User manual and FAQs
  • User manual to be downloaded here
  • Ubox V2 75v FAQs

8. Parameter setting default and max spec.

Spintend Ubox parameter setting

9. Firmware Download

    5.3 firmware is not friendly to Ubox, suggest don't upgrade it to 5.3

  • Ubox V2 75v firmware(v5.2) and vesc tool download from here.
  • Ubox V1 75v firmware downloaded:
  1. Ubox V1(including type C and Mirco version) firmware (v5.2 )and vesc tool download from here
  2. Mail us to get 300A firmware if you need it,warranty will be void.
  3. Reminds: we recommend to use Spintend custom 100A firmware, if you're using stock firmware, there's battery voltage reading discrepancy and relative symptom. 

10. Ubox source code, customed from VESC-Project. Refer here.