Single Ubox 100V 100A motor controller based on VESC
Single Ubox 100V 100A motor controller based on VESC
Single Ubox 100V 100A motor controller based on VESC
Single Ubox 100V 100A motor controller based on VESC

Single Ubox 100V 100A motor controller based on VESC

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Single Ubox 100V 100A Motor Controller ESC Based on VESC 100V250A project

Electircal Spec:

  • Firmware : compatible with 100V/250A VESC firmware
  • 2 groups of 12v power port:
    • 12v fan port: 3pin connector
    • 12 power port : 2pin connector
    • 12V port total 3A current max
  • Voltage: up to 22s, voltage spike should not beyond 93V
  • Current: 100A max (The duration depends on the temperature around the product, heat dissipation and air circulation)
  • Ports available: PPM,UART(adc1/adc2/adc3),Canbus,Hall sensor,TypeC USB, SWD port, NRF port, Ignite Key port, Power button port/12V power port *2
  • Cables and connectors:  12cm 12AWG phase wires with 4.0mm female bullet connector, 15cm 12AWG battery cable with XT90 male connector
  • Dimention: 29*68*83mm
  • Power button LED lights functional indication:
    • Running--Green light
    • Stop/begin throttling--Dim green
    • Abnormal--Blinking Red

Unique design Feature

1. All power circuit (12v/5v/3.3v)is protected by recovery fuse. Ignite port by in-recovery fuse.

6fuses used in spintend single ubox 100v

2. Strengthen hall signal clamping 

Single ubox hall signal protection

3. 2pcs 12V power supply port , for lights and fan or other, Extra one NRF port is provided for Bluetooth or 2.4ghz Receiver, will make UART port spare for other application, and clear port pin function in aluminum.

spintend single ubox 100v port function name in silk print

4. Integrated internal BMI160 module, convinient for diy balanced board

spintend single ubox 100v integrated bmi 160

5. Sandwich design for better cooling solution and reliable structure. Copper plate touches with MOSFET for stronger heat dissipation

spintend single ubox adapted sandwich design for better cooling

Spintend use copper plate for heat dissipation

6. Offer two cooling plate for option.Aluminum plate is more affordable and lighter.

Single ubox 100v offer two kinds of cooling plate

Shipping comes:

1.  Shipping will come with Aluminum case and latest firmware

2. Accessory pack includes: 

  • power button*1
  • ppm cable*1
  • can bus cable*1
  • hall sensor cable*1
  • 2pin 12v power cable*1
  • 3pin ignite port cable*1
  • Multifunction cable(UART&ADC) *1
  • NRF port cable*1


Whatever how you will use the screw hole in bottom side of single ubox 100v , please make sure the inside screw length is LESS than 2mm, or it will touch inside capacitors to cause short. 

Single ubox 100v bottom screw hole warning in using


  1. The product is shipped with latest firmware(6.0), Read this blog to know more previous firmware version. 
  2. Warning: Open source firmware has risky feature, Only hardware is in warranty protection.
  3. Get 6.0 firmware and vesc tool here.


Wiring diagram refer to this blog.