How to use Ubox family product correctly?

Here is a blog and tutorial video connection for users. It will save you time and risk greatly. It's a must reading for new beginners.

It's necessary to know this topics:

  • Get basic idea on difference between normal ESC and VESC, and preparation work in your PC, read this blog
  • Get more understanding on VESC tool and parameter setting. Read this one.
  • Get correct firmware and learn how to update firmware correctly,  read this blog you can also download the firmware and vesc tool in the end of this blog

How to do wirings and use ubox features?

  • How to use Ubox v2 (75v dual esc) with Uni1 (V2/V1) ? Tutorial is here.
  • How to wire brake lights and horn? Tutorial is here.
  • How to set cooling fan in vesc tool? read here
  • How to turn on /off Ubox internal receiver? read here.

Come across problem? Read this topics

  • Why my remote has no response ? read this blog.
  • If there is ABS over current fault, how to do ? read this blog.
  • Hall problem? Check wiring , read this.
  • How to flash boot code if your ubox is bricked. 
    • for dual ubox , if your ubox can be connected in vesc tool, can save it by trying this way.
    • for single ubox, if you have another spare single vesc, you can also refer to above way. If you only have one single vesc, then can only save it by ST link flash firmware, you can refer to this tutorial video
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